Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are both social insects, although wasps could live solitary lives sometimes. Despite the fact that they are closely related, they are quite different from each other; a wasp has a hairless and shiny body while a bee has hairy body with flat legs. Another difference is that bees produce honey while wasps do not. Wasps have also been known to be naturally aggressive; unlike bees that become aggressive only when threatened.

If you have ever seen anyone bitten multiple times by bees or wasps, you would realize how important it is to be careful around these pests. They can inflict harms on both the adults and children; hence, they must be exterminated once you notice their presence around you. The problem with bees and wasps is even worse in the case of people who are allergic to their bites. If bitten, the reaction of an allergic person is usually complicated and such person would have to be hospitalized.

Bees and wasps like nesting around humans and as such, noticing the presence of these insect is not farfetched as they are often seen flying around making mumbling sounds. Nevertheless, their colony may not be easily seen as it is often located in secluded area such as in the attic, walls or holes of house. This makes exterminating them difficult and homeowners must be careful when dealing with these insects so as not to be bitten.

Apart from the difficulty involved in identifying their colony, if you decide to remove these pests on your own, you risk wasting time and money on acquiring the best traps or sprays that can adequately exterminate them. You should rather contact professional exterminators who are well grounded in how to exterminate bees and wasps with ease. A professional and licensed exterminator will easily identify the colony of bees and wasps and also use the best exterminating methods that pose no dangers to you, your children and pets.

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