Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Pest Control Company

Sometimes you just can’t handle the problem yourself. The bed bugs are too much, the mosquitoes are multiplying at an alarming rate, and if you see one more mouse dropping…

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle a pest infestation alone. Hiring a pest control company will allow someone else to take care of the problem while you gain valuable peace of mind, knowing you aren’t sharing your home with several families of spiders.

But what should you look for in pest control companies, and how can you know when you’ve found your match – the company that is going to save your sanity while allowing you to feel confident walking barefoot in your home again?

Is the Company Professional?

This seems like a no-brainer, but when dealing with something as emotional as a kitchen pest infestation, you may not think to stop and check credentials. If you really want those ants out of your pantry for good, credentials are crucial.

Is the company bonded and insured? Pest control companies aren’t always required to be insured, but it would be wise to only hire a company that carries insurance. If an accident happens, you deserve protection.

How does their website look (if they even have one)? Can you get a feel for their values, and do they align with your own?

Is the Company Knowledgeable?

When you talk to the technician, does he have a good understanding of common pest problems in your area? If you describe the appearance of the pest, can he give you a confident answer of what you’re likely dealing with? Has the company had success in eradicating this particular pest from other homes in the area?

Do Other People Recommend the Pest Control Company?

Talk to your neighbors and friends about the pest control companies they’ve hired. When you’ve settled on a company you’d like to work with, check them out on the Better Business Bureau website as well as other popular reviews sites such as Google+ and Yelp. You can even ask the company for references.

Does the Technician Thoroughly Investigate?

Your technician should listen to all your descriptions of the pest – what it looks like if you’ve seen it, where the droppings have been found, and what sounds you’ve heard. Then, he should actually inspect your home to find evidence of the pests. Once that has been done, a treatment plan for your specific pest should be put in place.

Does the Contract Check Out?

If you have an infestation, you’ll most likely need recurring service. Oftentimes, monthly (or even more frequent) services will be required until the pest problem is under control, and then they can taper off to more spaced-out intervals. Ask questions, and understand the terms of the contract before you sign.

How Do You Feel About the Chemicals?

Ask questions about the chemicals the pest control company plans to use. What affects do they have on pets and humans? Will you need to leave your home? Do they offer non-chemical options? Ask for a Material Safety Data Sheet and specimen label for each chemical being used.

Do They Offer a Guarantee?

A guarantee sweetens any deal, and at a minimum, your pest control company should offer a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with their service. This inspires confidence in the company and allows you to work with them as the process continues.

Does the Company Affiliate Itself with a Professional Pest Control Association?

You can tell if a company is dedicated to quality if they affiliate with a professional pest control association, as these associations hold their members to certain code of standards and ethics. In addition, these associations keep their members informed of new processes and safety measures. A company that stays on top of this industry knowledge is a company that cares about the service they offer.

Continue to Evaluate

Pest control is not “set it and forget it.” Keep looking for signs of pests even as you’re receiving pest control services. A good pest control company will keep working with you throughout the whole process. Nobody likes to need a pest control company, but when you find the right one, you’ll worry a lot less knowing someone has it all under control.

If you’re looking for a professional pest control company in the Austin area, please contact Spott Pest Prevention at (512) 402-7121 or request a free pest control quote online!

45 responses to “Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Pest Control Company”

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  2. These are some great tips for finding a good pest control company. Finding someone who is professional is what I want to do for our mouse problem. Hopefully they will be insured, even if they’re not required.

  3. Alice Jones says:

    I agree that when hiring a pest control company, the technician should fully investigate the home for the pests. A technician should be thorough with the search for pests so that the clients are happy with the removal of the infestation. Thank you for listing these tips, before I hire a pest control company I’ll refer back to this list.

  4. John Mahoney says:

    We just moved to a new house and it looks like we have an ant problem. Thank you for talking about choosing pest control services that are guaranteed to work. It is important to remember that doing this can help you now that your money is well invested and that your family is safe from pests.

  5. Frank Archer says:

    This was an awesome with helpful content. I believe in professionals so this is a very useful article for everyone. Thank you very much for sharing..

  6. One smart way to check is by asking people for recommendations. Since these people have already dealt with the pest control professionals first hand, you would then know best if they are good enough based on their reviews. But of course, checking out their qualifications and services will be of great help as well.

  7. Frank Archer says:

    Very interesting insight. I believe in professionals so this is a very useful article for everyone. Thank you very much for sharing..

  8. Great article. Valuable tips.

  9. I like your tip to check popular review sites to find out if the pest control company is recommended by others. When doing so, make sure to read both positive and negative reviews. Doing so can help you avoid receiving only biased opinions. After you’ve hired a pest control service and they’ve taken care of all the pests in your home, make sure to leave a review to help others out as well.

  10. Thanks for the tips for choosing a pest control company. My house has been riddled with pests for the last few weeks, and I need somebody to come and get rid of them. I like that you mentioned to find a company that offers a guarantee on their work. That way, if their methods don’t fully get rid of the pests, they will come back. I will definitely ask about that.

  11. Kyle Winters says:

    I really like the advice you give about the technician and what they should do when they visit your home to evaluate the pest problem. After all, you want to make sure that they thoroughly understand what your experience with the pest has been. This should help them to determine the right course of action to deal with the offending insects or rodents.

  12. Kylie Dotts says:

    I like your advice to ask questions about the chemicals that might be used. Ants have been a constant problem in our house and we will need the help of a pest control service soon. We have small children though and they enjoy running around and get into everything they shouldn’t so knowing what the chemicals might do is important so we can prepare them to not get into anything hazardous.

  13. I’ll be sure to use your tip and talk to neighbors about recommendations for a pest control company. I suspect I may have a rodent problem, but I don’t know which company to go with. I’d feel more comfortable hiring a pest control company that has provided my neighbors with adequate service in the past.

  14. Thanks for the tips for hiring a pest control company. I definitely want someone who will thoroughly investigate the pests, so he or she can be sure to get rid of them all. We have mice in our basement, so this is good to learn.

  15. I like that you mentioned talking to your neighbors about referrals to good companies. If you are experiencing some problems with bugs, chances are your neighbors have the same issue. You may want to consider using the same company at the same time in this case.

  16. Your advice to meet with the technician and make sure they understand the common pest problems in your area and to talk to them about your situation would be useful. This could help you find one that has the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle your problem. In order to do this, you’d probably want to look online for which pest control services are in your area and make sure they have experience with your type of infestation and then call them in order to set up an appointment where you can ask them questions and learn more about their services.

  17. I have creepy crawlers all over my house, and I would like to get rid of them. I like how you pointed out that when it comes to hiring a pest control company, that it is smart to check out the contract. This is something that seems obvious, but is a good reminder so that I know everything that will go on.

  18. I like that you mentioned asking about non-chemical options. We have two small dogs that dig and get everywhere in the house and yard. I don’t want to risk them getting sick over some pest control substance.

  19. My husband and found a termite infestation in the attic of our house the other day. We need to find a pest control company but have never looked into hiring one before. You make a really good point about looking into how the contract check out to see if it will be able to taper off to more spaced out intervals. Thanks for the advice, I will have to remember to ask questions about the terms before signing.

  20. Heather says:

    Asking the chemical question is important for any family, especially if there are young children and animals present. There are plenty of natural options that can be implemented if one has concerns over the toxicity. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Recently, my husband and I have noticed a number of signs indicating a rodent problem. We want to make sure this issue is taken care of by a professional before it becomes any worse. Like you said, we will want to ensure that when we talk to potential technicians, they have a good understanding of the common pest control issues in our area.

  22. My fiance and I are considering getting a pest control service to come to our home for a possible termite problem. We both are unfamiliar with the process but like what was said about the technician investigating the home. We will make sure that who ever comes inspects our home for our own peace of mind. thanks!

  23. Marcus Coons says:

    I totally agree with you in that it is always a great idea to ask your friends about any pest control companies they have used. It is important to remember that asking this can help you rest assured the recommendations you get will be trusted and reliable. My wife told me today that she saw a mouse in our kitchen today and I want to make sure we get rid of it before it becomes too serious, so I’m glad I found your post.

  24. Thanks for your comment about how you should make sure that the company you are working for has good credentials. I like how you said that they should know how to take care of the pests in your area. My father is considering hiring a pest exterminator to take care of some rodents in his garage.

  25. Thanks for going over some considerations to think about when getting a pest control company. I appreciate that you mentioned to see if the company understands about some pest problems that are in the area. Definitely sounds worthwhile to make sure that you know about these as well so that you can ask them about it. Plus, it could be a good way to get some prevention tips for them too.

  26. Thanks for being so informative about choosing a pest control company. We just finished building our home and it has a ton of bugs and such that I really can’t handle right now. I have thought about asking around for referrals, but I like how you put it to the next level and research those referrals online.

  27. Deb Pearl says:

    I have been noticing more and more pests in my house lately no matter what I do, and I would love to be able to find a good pest control company to help me out. That is a good idea to see if the technician actually looks through and investigates where I have been seeing the pests. That would give me a good idea to see who really cares about my home. Thanks for the tips!

  28. Mike Joseph says:

    Choosing the best pest control company is truly important. It will make you sure that you are not wasting your time, effort and most especially, your money. Before paying for a pest control service do some research first. Info posted here is really helpful.

  29. This is an interesting article. Talking to your neighbors and friends and asking for their recommendations for a good pest control company is a great tip. Giving it a deep clean and maintaining it will also help a lot in avoiding and getting rid of pests. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Finn Stewart says:

    Thanks for the tips on choosing a pest control company. I agree that recommendations from other people are very important. If they had a good experience then I probably will as well. While eating lunch the other day a spider dropped on the shoulder of a guest. I’ll have to ask around for recommendation to find a trusted and reliable company.

  31. Megan says:

    My sister needs to hire a pest control service. I like that you mentioned that the technician should thoroughly check the house. I am going to let her know to ask about the inspection process.

  32. Wow, it’s a great tip! It’s awesome that you mentioned about checking credentials of the pest control company. My brother is going into a new house, so he will need a comprehensive checkup in order to make sure that there are any pests there. I’ll definitely share this useful information to help him!

  33. Thanks for sharing this! I like how you mentioned that we should see if the technician thoroughly investigates. It would reflect how keen and effective he is in his work. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind if ever I’ll be hiring a pest control company in the future.

  34. It’s nice to know that being affiliated to the Professional Pest Control Association can ensure dedication to quality. I’ll be sure to use your tips and get myself a reputable pest control. Thanks for the great tips!

  35. Kyle Wayne says:

    I like that you mention how you should make sure the company is professional before hiring. My brother is looking to hire termite pest control. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a professional service that will do it right.

  36. Joy Butler says:

    I completely agree about checking what chemicals the company would use for the operation especially for those families with young children. My husband and I are on the fence about this decision. I argued with him that hiring professionals would greatly reduce the risk of contamination and poisoning as they would know strategic places to put poisons and baits and the correct amount of chemicals to be used. Thanks for the great read!

  37. I’m glad you mentioned affiliation to a professional pest control association! My wife and I just moved into an older home, and there are spiders popping up everywhere! Who knows what else might be hiding in here as well. Having a company come in that can eliminate the problem safely and efficiently would really help us out.

  38. Silas Knight says:

    We are hoping to hire a good pest control company soon. There are termites in our basement, I think, so we need professional help. I’ll be sure to find someone who listens to all of the signs we’ve seen. It’d be nice to feel like they are listening to us.

  39. Marcus Coons says:

    I loved when you mentioned how you should take the time to look for a pest control company that has experience dealing with the type of pests you have. It makes sense to think that doing some research and comparing several companies can help you find the best way to permanently get rid you the pests around your property. A friend of mine was talking about how he needed to find a company that could help him deal with the spiders he has seen in his home, so I’m glad I found your post.

  40. gloria durst says:

    I agree that you need to consider what kind of recommendations a pest control service has. Finding what their past clients have to say would be helpful. My brother is looking for someone to get rid of mosquitos, so he’ll have to find someone who is well liked.

  41. Vivian Black says:

    I do like your tip to test the company by only giving descriptions of the pest to have them give you a confident answer as to what it is. That’s because you can use this test to learn how knowledgeable they are about the pest you are aiming to eliminate. I would be doing this tip but just describe roaches since those are the pest I want to be removed — I hate roaches. Hopefully, I would be able to find a reputable pest control service to eliminate them properly. Thanks!

  42. Thanks for your comment about how you should hire a professional pest control company that is insured. I like how you said that you should only hire those who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field. My husband wants to hire an experienced and expert pest control company to inspect our house for termites. Thanks for your tips!

  43. I like how you say that you would want to consider if a pest control company is insured. It would be good to consider this because it would show their experience. My brother is looking for someone to get rid of some termites in his home, so he’ll have to consider someone who is insured.

  44. Thanks for saying that you would want to consider if a pest control service is knowledgeable. It would be good to consider what kind of pests they have dealt with in the past in order to know if they are knowledgeable. My sister is looking for someone to get rid of a termite infestation in her home, so she’ll have to consider the pest control services.

  45. I liked your tip to talk to friends and neighbors for recommendations of a good pest control company. My wife was telling me just the other day that we ought to look into getting our house sprayed for pests. Seeing as how we’ve never dealt with a pest control service before, we’ll definitely start asking around to see if anyone can point us to a reputable company.

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