While it is possible to detest flies due to the annoying murmuring sound they make when flying, the biggest problem associated with these insects is their ability to carry infectious diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever and encephalitis.

The reason for being vectors of many diseases is not farfetched; flies live mainly on dirt such as humans and animal wastes, domestic waste materials, sewers and all sorts of decomposing matters and this eases their chance of carrying diseases. Once they come in contact with our food or water, they release the harmful viruses or bacteria and these organisms are disease causative agents.

These insect, whose species are said to be more than 240,000, are found in many countries including the United States of America. Each true fly has a set of wings and each undergoes incomplete metamorphosis during its developmental stage. With a fly needing just seven days to develop from an egg to an adult, their growth rate is rapid and this contribute greatly to their abundant nature everywhere they are found.

Flies eat wide varieties of food, such as livestock foods, human foodstuffs and excreta. They use their sponge-like mouth to eat and most of them cannot bite; nevertheless, few varieties, such as the Horse fly, can bite humans with a protruded mouth portion. Some of the common varieties of flies are the well known House fly, the Garbage fly, Stable fly, the Cluster fly and the Fruit fly.

Despite the numerous harmful effects of flies, they also tend to be useful in aiding the process of decomposing dead matters as well as depopulating other insects within the environment where they are breeding.

Since eggs and larvae are the ones that develop into adults, destroying them as well as adult flies are the main ways of dealing with their infestations. There are professional pest controllers in various locations that are ready and knowledgeable in taking care of these insects and you will be liberated from their problems.

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