Mosquitoes are one of the most harmful insects on earth and as a matter of fact, they have caused more death to humans than any other known insect. They only require stagnant water for them to breed; hence they breed easily in gutters, bird baths, swamps, retention ponds and other stagnant water bodies. Mosquitoes are in more abundance during the warmer seasons; consequently, warmer seasons are seasons for mosquitoes to wreck more havocs.

Though their harmful effects are more pronounced in humans, they also affect animals as long as they are able to establish a parasitic relationship with their unsuspecting hosts. Female mosquitoes have been identified as the ones capable of sucking blood and transmitting diseases; the only function males perform is mating with the females. The females live for just an average of two weeks but they could transmit as many diseases as possible during this short lifespan.

Although it is generally assumed that they only live on sucking blood, mosquitoes actually prefer feeding on the sweet liquid part of flowers called nectar. Nevertheless, the female mosquitoes require blood to lay eggs which will be hatched to produce their young ones and in the process of sucking blood, they infect their host with diseases that are capable of causing sickness and ultimately deaths.

Malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever are the most common diseases mosquitoes are culprit of transmitting. In 1999, the spread of West Nile Virus (an Encephalitis virus) to all parts of the United States actually revealed how fast diseases transmitted by mosquitoes could spread and endanger lives.

Without doubt insecticides are very effective in getting rid of and depopulating mosquitoes, but in the case where an area breeds mosquitoes regularly, the best solution is to contact a pest control company that will evaluate it and provide a long-lasting solution.

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