Bed Bugs

From hotels to homes, bed bugs are cosmopolitan and even the cleanest of places is not exempted from having these nocturnal insects. They are found in the United States of America and other countries around the world, and they have constituted nuisances in most places where they live. The increase in the level of bed bugs in all countries has been largely attributed to international travel in which these insects find their way into other countries and continents through luggage and clothes of travelers.

Basically, bed bugs are about 0.4 inch long and they can be seen with naked eyes. They live for about 6 to 12 months and though, the lifespan is not really long, they give birth rapidly and this contributes to their large population anywhere they are. The most commonly found species of bed bugs around humans is Cimex lectularius. Although bed bugs do pierce the skin before sucking blood, it is impossible to feel the bite and this eases the way these animals feed on humans’ blood. Even in the absence of foods, these insects can stay alive for months.

Since some species have adapted to living around humans, they prefer sucking on humans’ blood while others that live around other animals like birds and bats prefer sucking these animals’ blood. Despite the rate at which they suck humans’ bloods, bed bugs are not vector of any disease; hence, they do not transmit diseases. However, there could be swelling and redness of the bitten parts and corticosteroids and antihistamines are useful in reducing the effects of the bites.

Clothes, mattresses, sofas, wallpapers, bed frames and chairs are some of the favorite spots where bed bugs hide and to find them, thorough search has to be done to every part of the house. Once a mattress or cloth has been identified to be harboring bed bugs, the only solution is to do away with such item.

Insecticides and other chemicals used in killing or removing pests have been found to be useless when dealing with bed bugs; thus, when you notice the presence of bed bugs, do not hesitate to call professional pest controllers to help you remove them.

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