• Why Austin Pest Control Is So Important July 15, 2017 spray pest control service Whether it’s mosquitoes, spiders, ants, or bed bugs, nobody wants to see pests in their home. We all seem to have a collective hatred of the little intruders — and for good reason. Pests can destroy our homes, wreak havoc on our health, and make outdoor activities unbearable. Not only that, they’re creepy! Pest control is not just for our comfort. With more than 18,000 pest control companies serving the public in the U.S., pest elimination and control actually increases the standard of living for everyone. Pest control is a matter of personal health and safety as well as public health and safety. Pest Control Stops the Spread of Diseases If the only thing pests did is to creep us out at the sight of them, we may not feel such an urgent need to control pests in our homes and businesses. (Okay, some people still would. That creepy feeling is enough to cause some serious elimination action.) But along with being gross and icky, pests can cause serious health problems, infecting our food, poisoning our bodies, transferring diseases, and more. Cockroaches (some of the filthiest insects in existence, by the way) carry millions of pathogens and bacterial cells. Millions! They carry allergens that ... Read more
  • Helpful Tips to Get Rid of Spiders February 18, 2017 Spider at a home in Austin, Texas You wake up with an itchy bite, and you can’t help but feel creeped out knowing that while you were sleeping, an 8-legged arachnid crawled across your body and took a bite of you. Knowing there are spiders in your house is enough to make anyone feel nervous and uncomfortable. Whether you see the spiders, spot their webs, or find the telltale itchy bumps on your body, evidence of spiders is the last thing you want to find in your home. Learn how to get rid of spiders with these helpful spider deterrent tips. Keep Your Home Clean Spiders spin their webs in out-of-reach places. They especially like to find areas that are rarely visited by humans, and the darker, the better. Regularly dust and vacuum your home, including the garage, basement, and that one craft corner where everything piles up. Just getting rid of clutter is a great spider deterrent. Make sure you’re vacuuming corners on the floor and the ceiling as well. When you see cobwebs, both inside and outside your house, knock them down immediately and clean the surrounding areas. Spiders will get the message that they aren’t welcomed in those places and will move on to friendlier environments. Don’t ... Read more
  • How to Get Rid of Roaches January 12, 2017 cockroach on a piece of wood Cockroaches have a reputation for being impossible to kill. Their exoskeletons provide an extreme amount of protection, and they can also live without food for weeks. While they’re experts at hiding, it’s also true that they aren’t invincible. They are, however, tricky little bugs. If you’re on a mission to get rid of roaches, try these tactics to outmaneuver these pesky creatures. Tidy Up Sorry to break the news, but you aren’t going to get rid of roaches without doing some cleaning. Cockroaches live for food residue, especially grease and crumbs. This means you need to wipe down your counters, clean your dishes (no dishes in the sink overnight!), wipe down your stove, and sweep your kitchen floors every night. You should also regularly mop or spot clean your floor. Set Traps For Roaches First, find out where roaches live in your home. Since cockroaches love the dark, they become very active at night. Flip on the light, and pay attention to where they scurry. This is often under your kitchen sink, behind your stove, and even in your cupboards. Those are the areas you’re going to want to target. Use sticky traps in dark locations where the roaches like to hang out. Check them ... Read more
  • Do I Have Termites? December 21, 2016 te One of the worst fears for many homeowners is termites. These silent invaders can steadily eat away at the very structure of your home. It’s important to watch for signs of termites so you can stop them before too much damage is done. Taking care of a termite problem is not something you can easily do yourself, but it is something that, when handled quickly by a professional pest control company, can be managed. All structures are at risk for termites. Even structures built of stone or brick have structural supports that are most likely built of wood. Watch for these telltale signs that you likely have termites. Swarm Termites will emerge from the ground as winged insects, most likely on a warm day in the spring or early summer. Their emergence happens as a swarm, and it happens quickly. If you see it happen, that’s a sure sign you need to call a pest control company. However, many people never see the swarm. That’s why it’s important to look for what the termites leave behind during their swarms – their wings. Termites intentionally twist their wings off after they land during this swarm phenomenon because they will never need them again. You ... Read more
  • 8 Helpful Pest Prevention Tips for Fall November 11, 2016 Spider with blue background Just as you’re scurrying indoors when the temperatures cool down outside, pests are also looking for a warm, cozy place to settle in. And that warm place could be your home. To avoid an autumn meltdown, learn the best pest prevention strategies, and keep your home safe this fall with these helpful tips. 1. Seal Gaps If you can see the gap or hole, a pest can fit through it. Pests can even sneak into holes you can’t see. In fact, small creepy crawlies, like spiders and ants, can fit through a gap that is just 1/16th of an inch, and it only takes a quarter of an inch for a mouse to find its way into your house. And if that’s not creepy enough, a raccoon can squeeze into a 6-inch opening. Get out the trusty caulk, and take a nice slow walk around the perimeter of your house. Look closely for holes, and seal up any openings or gaps you find. 2. Cap Your Chimney Did you know rodents, birds, and even squirrels can make their way into your home through your chimney? Avoid the disturbing hassle and install a cap on your chimney. 3. Take Stock of Your Shed and Garage Are your ... Read more
  • Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? October 17, 2016 bed bug close up pic Bed bugs. Those two little words alone can set your skin crawling. And if you’re unlucky enough to actually spot a bed bug in your home, you may feel like just torching the place and starting all over! While we can all agree that bed bugs give us the willies, are they actually dangerous? Well, they don’t spread infectious diseases, so you can breathe a sigh of relief about that. But they do, unfortunately, pose several health risks. Allergies A bed bug bite affects different people in different ways. Some don’t even notice bites, while others notice small, red bumps that become an itchy nuisance. Some people actually experience allergic reactions to bed bug bites, and in severe cases, some may even experience anaphylactic shock, which can be life threatening. Infections No, bed bugs don’t spread infectious diseases, but a bite can lead you open to infections since you’ll probably spend time scratching at the itchy affected area. Excessive scratching can damage your skin, providing the possibility of introducing germs into open wounds. Respiratory Issues If you already have respiratory issues, like asthma, you may find that the problem becomes aggravated by bed bugs. This is because bed bugs shed their outer casings as they grow. They ... Read more
  • How to Make Your Home Unattractive to Pests September 19, 2016 ants in a home Unattractive isn’t typically a word you want associated with your home, but when pests are the ones eyeing your castle, it isn’t so bad to be seen as unattractive in their eyes. An unattractive home for pests has nothing to do with your decorating or style though. Instead, it has to do with basic things you can do to make pests not want to stick around or even visit your home to begin with. It’s time to take stock of how well your home is fortified against creepy, crawly insects and rodents. Keep these annoying pests away with these tips. Keep Food Out of Reach Pests see food a little differently than we do. A small crumb might make an excellent feast for an ant or two. A spill you forgot to clean up might be just the treat a flying insect is looking for, and the crumbs that were ground into the carpet when your toddler walked around your living room with a handful of crackers are a smorgasbord for mice and insects. To discourage pests from foraging in your home, keep your counters wiped down, your floors clean, and your trash cans cleared out. Fix leaking pipes and drains that might be ... Read more
  • Natural Ways to Keep Roaches Away September 19, 2016 dead roach You’ve heard cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast (not true). You may have heard they can live for decades (not true), and you may have even heard they can survive for up to a week without their head (that one is disgustingly true). Fact or fiction, we’re all pretty terrified of the longevity and strength of cockroaches and for good reason. While they can’t survive a nuclear blast, they are pretty resilient. And they’re found almost everywhere. Unfortunately, getting rid of roaches is something we all need to stay on top of. The process of getting rid of a roach infestation is difficult, but it does work. Clean Up Cockroaches love food, and they’re not picky eaters to say the least. They especially love what you leave behind on the counters and floors, and they’re crazy about grease spills. If you want some company from cockroaches, just go to bed without cleaning up dinner night after night. You’ll get several new roommates in no time. But if you’d rather not be greeted by cockroaches every morning, do the dishes, wipe off your counters, cover your leftover food, sweep your floors, and vacuum your rugs. And don’t forget your yard. Cockroaches will get quite cozy ... Read more
  • Important Traveler Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs August 22, 2016 hotel bed bugs You checked (and double checked) to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind when you checked out of your hotel or returned your rental car. But did you check (and double check) to make sure you weren’t bringing home any tiny stowaways? Bed bugs are notorious for hitching rides on unsuspecting travelers, and since they are so hard to get rid of, do yourself a favor and learn how to avoid them in the first place. Learn the most common signs of bed bugs, and what to do if you see them. Bed Bug Detection in Hotels First, check reviews of the hotel where you intend to stay, and take any mention of bed bugs seriously. It’s better to change plans than to risk bringing bed bugs home. Next, it matters where you set your luggage. Bed bugs can’t travel well on smooth surfaces, so as soon as you get to your room, place your luggage in the bathtub or on the luggage rack. You can also put your luggage inside a large garbage bag for further protection. Don’t put your clothes in the drawers or closets. Don’t flop down on that bed yet, either. Use a flashlight to inspect your room before you make another ... Read more
  • How to Protect Your Pets From Pests August 22, 2016 Your pet is a part of your family, and it’s important to protect all members of your family from outside threats. Just as mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests prove a danger to humans, they can do just as much harm to your four-legged friends. Protect your pets from pests by learning about their threats and how to prevent them. Ticks Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and tick paralysis. If your pet comes in contact with ticks, these are all real outcomes your pet may face. Ticks are especially dangerous to pets because owners don’t always realize they’ve been affected until symptoms become severe. This means prevention is key in protecting your pet from ticks, and here are some helpful tips. Have your pet wear at tick collar. Be sure to take your pet to the vet for an annual checkup. Thoroughly and regularly inspect your pet for ticks, especially after spending time outdoors. Minimize the risk of ticks in your yard by keeping your grass cut low, weeding, and removing debris from your yard. Talk with a pest control company about lawn tick treatments for the best chance of keeping ticks out of your yard. If you find a tick, remove it immediately with forceps or tweezers. Grab on, ... Read more
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