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Nothing detracts from enjoying your property more than a mosquito infestation. In addition to being held hostage in your home by mosquitoes, the health hazard that mosquito bites pose to humans and pets are becoming an increasingly serious issue. Texas is consistently one of the most at risk states for the west nile, chikungunya, zika viruses because of our high population of mosquitoes.

Home owners have long sought for a proven effective mosquito control solution.  They want to enjoy their pool, backyard, and barbeque without worrying about getting pestered by mosquitoes or risking their health.  They want a system that is economical, yet effective.  Now this proven, effective, affordable and responsible mosquito control solution is here.

barefootMosquito Control Solutions

Spott Pest Prevention uses the most effective and responsible method of mosquito control available:  The Barefoot Mosquito Control System. This method follows the best practices for effective mosquito control while reducing negative environmental impact by focusing on reducing pesticide usage. Our technicians do the following on each service visit:

  • Eliminate potential mosquito breeding spots
  • Power fog with the unique 99% natural solution that penetrates deep into the vegetation
  • Apply natural mosquito repellents that provides a wall-like barrier of repellency along the property line
  • Treat mosquito resting sites with a pyrethroid

Get Mosquito Control Results Quickly

Home Owners can expect 80% less mosquitoes after one treatment and up to 95% reduction in mosquitoes from the second application onward.  Treatments are performed on a 21-25 day cycle.  Spott Pest Prevention customers enjoy mosquito free living without resorting to topical sprays, over-usage of pesticides or costly and ineffective misting systems.

The Benefits of the Barefoot Mosquito Control System

  • Reduces pesticides by up to 95% compared to automatic mosquito misting systems
  • Attacks mosquitoes in all four life stages (Egg, Pupae, Larva, Adult)
  • Provides a vertical repellant to protect your property for a longer period of time
  • Deeper penetration of bushes and small trees
  • 99% natural solution
  • No upfront equipment to purchase, and no frequent or expensive repairs
  • Resistant to rain and excessive heat
  • Designed for application where children and pets reside
  • Targets mosquitoes that carry zika, west nile, chikengunya viruses, heartworm, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)

What about a mosquito misting System?

If you are trying to decide between regular mosquito treatments and installing a mosquito misting system, then consider the information drawn from research from the American Mosquito Control Association.

Mosquito Misting Systems vs Barefoot Mosquito System

Mosquito Misting Systems (MMS) require an upfront equipment purchase of $2500-$4000 and are prone to breakdown, further increasing cost.  They also utilize an enormous quantity of pesticides to be applied as much as 55 gallons/month to a single family dwelling with a refill cost of $80-$120/month.

Despite the obvious financial hurdles and increased pesticide exposure, the actual treatment for mosquitoes is far inferior to the Barefoot System.  The coverage area for MMS is much smaller and is typically restricted to the perimeter of the property only.  The mist pressure is limited and is often unable to penetrate deep into dense bushes and trees where mosquitoes reside.  Another major deficiency regarding MMS is the material used only treats adult mosquitoes and provides no repellency.  (

By utilizing the Barefoot Mosquito system, Spott addresses all of the shortcomings associated with Mosquito Misting Systems, leading to increased efficacy and comfortable mosquito-free living.

Call one of our mosquito control experts today (or use the contact form at the right) for a free, no obligation quote on your property in or around Austin Texas and begin enjoying your home once again.


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