With over 5 million species identified, beetles undoubtedly have the largest species of insects in the world. Each of these species has unique features that make it to be different from other species; some of the popular species are Lady beetles, Citrus long-horned beetles, Flour beetles, Sugarcane beetles, Old House borer beetles, Bark beetles, Tiger beetles, Green June beetles, Asian long-horned beetles, Powder post beetles, Bean beetles and so on.

Typically, a beetle has a head, a thorax and an abdomen and the identification of a beetle can be done with its characteristic hard outer shell. Beetles have wings that are usually under their wings until they are brought out when they want to fly.

Beetle larvae are generally wood eaters and they have perfected the acts of eating woods such that nobody would notice their presence until they have completely ruined the woods they are feeding on. Due to the extensive rate at which these beetle larvae eat woods, they are capable of wrecking lots of damages to wood structures in homes, stores, farmyard or any other place they are.

Adult beetle of the likes of Boll Weevil Beetle, Tiger Beetle, the Western Corn Rootworm and others are generally fond of eating garden plants and as such they can cause extensive damages to crops. The level of damages these beetles cause has been estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Infestation on woods and crops has become an important factor used in identifying the presence of beetles in a property.

Despite the high level of damages these insects can cause, the Ladybug and few other beneficial species have been identified as important in reducing the population of other harmful insects; hence, these ones should rather be left untouched since they are useful.

Identifying and sparing those that are beneficial and effectively removing the harmful ones can only be done by a trained pest controller who has knowledge of the removal of each species of beetles; therefore, when you are having problems with beetles, contact professional animal controller to help you remove them.

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