Cockroaches are one of the most common insects that have adapted to live comfortably around humans. They can be easily identified with their shining, hairless shell to which their wings are attached. About 30 species of the over 4,000 known species of cockroaches have adapted to surviving around humans and these 30 species have found their ways into our homes, offices, stores, farmyard and other places.

In American homes and businesses, you are likely going to find only 4 of these 30 species and these 4 common species are German (mostly found in homes), American, Asian and Oriental species. Fundamentally, cockroaches are capable of surviving very hard conditions, even while starving, and they also reproduce at a rapid rate, so they are strong survivors and as such, they are hard to get rid of.

German cockroaches, which are commonly found in American homes, have an average size of about half inch and once they mate, the females lay as much as 50 eggs with most of the nymphs surviving once they are hatched. Though the average lifespan of female German cockroach is 200 days, she is capable of reproducing about 5 times during her lifetime; this shows how productive these insects are.

Due to their high survival tendency and ability to hide, getting rid of cockroaches has always been a herculean task that an untrained person can hardly perform. Apart from being able to go without foods for weeks, these insects are opportunistic organisms and as they result, they can feed on anything available, from humans’ foods to pets’ foods, glues, remains of other insects, furniture and so on.

Though keeping an environment tidy and clean can be very helpful in getting rid of cockroaches, uncleanness is not really the main reason behind cockroaches’ infestations. Hence, you should not be surprised if you find cockroaches in a clean environment. Damage of properties, destruction of foodstuffs and asthma in allergic children are some of the problems associated with cockroaches. Once you notice infestations of cockroaches in your homes or workplace, do not hesitate to hire the service of pest control professional that will get rid of cockroaches.

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