As harmless as some species of spiders are, it is important to be very careful around them as few of them are poisonous and their bites could lead to serious health complications that would require medical attention. Nonetheless, spiders are still beneficial to humans in reducing the population of insects that could be harmful to us and our environment.

Out of all the varieties of spiders in the United States, only two varieties are particularly dangerous and these two are Brown Recluse and Black Widow. These two types of spiders are specifically responsible for the death of some Americans each year and as such, they are deadly insects that everybody must beware of. Wolf spider, the Saint Andrew’s Cross Spider and Grass spiders are some of the other common spiders found in the United States and they are all poisonous to a certain degree.

To identify the Brown Recluse spiders, they are known to like staying indoors and on their back, they have a dark brown hourglass. Naturally, Brown Recluse spiders are fond of hiding themselves in dark, secluded place where they have minimal contact with humans, but once disturbed in their hidden places, these creatures will attack as form of defense.

Unlike The Brown Recluse, The Black Widows basically like living outdoor and they have an obvious black body with the abdominal region showing a red hourglass. At an average length of 1/2 of an inch, a male Black Widow is of smaller physical statues than his female counterpart.

Any infestation of a home or business by spiders is a potential danger and a pest management company should be notified immediately to prevent spider bites that could lead to hospitalization. Unlike an untrained person, a professional pest manager will use the best method to remove spiders and provide useful tips that will help you prevent future occurrence of spider infestations.

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