Ticks belong to a large family of arthropods which include the likes of scorpions and spiders. They are small animals that are fond of sucking bloods and as such they are quite parasitic to their hosts, but they can live for months without feeding if their hosts are not available. Though they are usually seen more in the summer when the weather is warm, they are actually available all seasons.

Generally, the known families of ticks are the soft and hard ticks. There are different varieties of tick and they are basically named after their host; thus, we have Cat tick, Bird tick, Deer tick (which is the most common variety of ticks in the US), American dog tick, Bat tick and so on.

To lay eggs, a female tick must suck blood and this blood meal will help her to lay multiple eggs that would develop into adults. Once eggs are laid, both male and female ticks die off. The eggs will undergo complete metamorphosis before becoming adult ticks; however, the stages of the metamorphosis of each family of ticks largely vary. Notably, matured female tick usually leaves her host whenever she wants to lay eggs.

Since ticks are blood suckers, they are known to transmit diseases when feeding off their hosts and they are vectors of both human and animal diseases such as Q fever, Tick paralysis, Rocky mountain spotted fever, meningoencephalitis, Tularemia and Lyme Disease.

Pets are highly prone to hosting ticks and this makes it possible for ticks to find their ways into homes and other human properties. Getting rid of ticks could be a big problem as these arthropods can easily hide in the most obscure places and even after getting rids of the matured ones, the eggs could be hatched later into ticks and thus, the infestations will continue. A pest control company will undoubtedly do a good job in helping you get rid of ticks at affordable fees.

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