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Pest Prevention Vs. Pest Control

You may have had experience with pest control in the past.  Maybe you have hired one of the dozens of pest control providers in Austin or tried to battle the bugs around your home with store bought pest control products.  For many home owners these solutions to pest activity around their home fall short of their expectation.  Bugs continue to thrive around their home despite their best efforts. Why?

The answer is because pest control only addresses the presence of pests in and around the home.  It relies on heavy chemical applications anytime pests are present.  Not only does pest control over expose families to chemicals but it never will address the causes of pest activity.

Spott's unique pest prevention method prevents pests from accessing the structure by physically obstructing pest pathways into your home.  We discover root causes of pest activity and use limited product applications combined with non-pesticide treatment methods that guarantee that the most annoying and dangerous household invaders will not enter your home. 

Our pest prevention program covers:

· Ants
· Mosquites
· Bed Bugs
· Termites
· Fire Ants
· Beetles
· Cockroaches
· Earwigs
· Fleas and ticks
· Millipedes
· Centipedes
· Pillbugs
· Scorpions
· Silverfish
· Spiders
· Boxelder bugs
· Bees and Wasps
· Flies
· Moths
· And much more





 We promise 4 things with our pest prevention program:

  1. Less pests in and around your home
  2. Greater value for your money than any competitor
  3. Safer and cleaner living environment
  4. An unlimited guarantee on all work we do


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